Wall Unit Shelves

Scope of making solutions for Wall Unit is tremendous; we had come up with options for cup, saucer & dishes to be stored in Wall Unit. Future has to reveal much more at proper time. 

Available in 2 product ranges, DewDrop – PU Powder Coated & SIGNORA – 100% Stainless Steel with Nickel Chrome plating.

Product Summary

·  4 models to choose from

·  Best ratio of weight holding to self-weight of basket, more value on price

·  Balanced and engineered to take stresses easily

·  Adaptable to variety of shelve holding / fastening systems

·  Intelligently placed wires, supporting where it needed the most

Price: on demand, always competitive

Wall units are wonderful solution of space utilisation in kitchen. It completes kitchen in all respect. Wire shelves increases value of these units. Proper organising and access of stored articles makes it EXCELLENT.

Cup, Saucer, Bottle & Dishes are stored on these shelves.

It is located for general storage area where least used crockery has to be placed.

Better than normal flat shelf because of individual compartment and guard wires arranging everything.

Available models are,

Cup & Saucer


Wine Bottle Shelf

Plain Shelf


Properly fabricated & finished product has high degree of fitting accuracy for inter-changeability. It is manufactured under strict quality assurance in millimetres.

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