Corner Unit Solutions

Challenge of utilising corner spaces has been met through these marvellous solutions. A large usable space is now available through fabrication of special baskets and mechanisms.

Available in 2 product ranges, DewDrop – PU Powder Coated & SIGNORA – 100% Stainless Steel with Nickel Chrome plating.

Product Summary

·  5 solutions to choose from

·  Far-most reach

·  Better space utilisation & ventilation  

·  Superior retrieval system 

·  Best inside arrangement of goods stored

Price: on demand, always competitive

Least used part of kitchen is corners under platform. We devised number of solutions for utilising it properly. Reach to far most corner and front side retrieval of stored articles makes these solution TRICKY.

Use it for storing packed food products, jars, small pots, boxes etc.

Because of ease of use and mechanism to reach far corners this is better solution than fixed shelves.

These solutions can be mounted on 135 degree or 270 degree corner carcasses and cabinets.

Available solutions are,

Magic Corner

Carousel ( 180o – D type, 270o or 360o)

270o Basket


Properly fabricated & finished product has high degree of fitting accuracy for inter-changeability. It is manufactured under strict quality assurance in millimetres.

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 270 degree Carousel…

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