Platform Accessories

Ability to Shelf / drain / rinse / strain makes it useful for items of wet as well as dry storage. Table top space utilisation is achieved by these options.

Available in 2 product ranges, DewDrop – PU Powder Coated & SIGNORA – 100% Stainless Steel with Nickel Chrome plating.

Product Summary

·  Number of models to suit any requirement

·  Standalone design 

·  Tiny sized items also stored

·  Flexibility of off the top movement, not mounted

·  Balanced and engineered for stability with beauty

Price: on demand, always competitive

Make better use of your kitchen space and give your kitchen a practical edge. Larger portion of platform top is unutilised. Scale down size and proportionate structure makes these options CLASSIC.

Storing items for sink operations, lids, cans, packed food products, spice pots, water pot & dispenser etc.

Standalone design for easy to move and use as independent unit, placed on top of kitchen platform.

Better option than drawer or shelf storage if item is highly used.

Available in number of models,

Rinse Rack

Can / Bottle / Glasses Rack

Spice Rack

Corner Rack

Cutlery Rack

Utensil Rinse Basket

Hot Pot Stand

Cup & Saucer Rack

Shelf Rack (2 or 3 Tier)

Water Pot / Dispenser Stand


Properly fabricated & finished product has high degree of fitting accuracy for inter-changeability. It is manufactured under strict quality assurance in millimetres.

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