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Following are the broad guidelines for Hygiene, Safety, Handling and Maintenance of Kitchen Baskets and Accessories

Personal Safety:

 Donít put your fingers between gaps of wire

 Donít lean on baskets and accessories, avoid to put your weight on them

 Watch for open end wire, edge may hurt you

 Donít overload baskets & accessories, they may fall on your feet / hand

 Watch your toe / leg when opening or closing corner carousel / D-tray / Magic corner; keep safe distance

 Take help of ladder or use small stool while drawing items from top basket / shelf of Tall unit / Wall Units, they may fall on you if not grabbed properly

 Donít try to accommodate improper heights in short height basket, it will block opening of drawer. If forced open, items may spill on you

 Always be cautious about handling cutlery, sharp edge or point may hurt you

 Always keep drawers close, it may hurt while moving

 Always follow handling and maintenance guideline for hygienic & long enjoyment of this modern facility


Keeping & handling utensils, goods and articles:

 Strain water from utensils, cutlery, crockery and glassware etc after washing

 Before keeping anything in the basket / accessories, kindly wipe out (with dry or wet soft cloth) all dust, dirt, water droplets, spill over and oil etc, if any, on Baskets / Accessories and article itself

 Placing items nicely keeping some minor distance with each other. Donít congest the storage available inside the basket / accessory with goods

 Keep one type of goods in one cabinet or carcass to avoid bad odour and mixing (due to spill)

 Place Bottom Tray (Drip Tray) on bottom of every Cabinet or carcass, it will save lot of time of cleaning

 Loose items (grocery etc) must be stored in Containers, Jars & Bottles etc for ease of handling

 Always open containers on work top (Granite etc) than draw contents; it will save time of cleaning for spills. Cleaning of top is easy than Basket

 Always keep in mind the safe weight load (of slide or channel) on every basket & accessory, load them with at least 10% less weight for better life of slides

 Bottom baskets of Tall Units must be loaded with heavy material and top baskets with light ones

 Try to fix places for each item; it will help you to find it fast. Keep light weight / small size / frequently used items on top baskets near to point of use. Heavy & sizable items must be placed in bottom row


Maintaining Baskets & Accessories:

 Clean spills & water as and when it contacts baskets and accessories. Keep special watch on spills of vinegar, salt, ketchup, sauces, lemon & fruit juices and oils etc; instant cleaning recommended.

 Clean bottom tray every week. Clean inside of Sink Cabinet & wall / floor / platform mounted accessories every week.

 Clean each and every corners / wires of baskets and accessories from inside and outside once in a month. Use brush for hard to reach corners.

 Dry clean by dry towel is highly recommended after every wet cleaning.

 Use soft detergent solution and a towel for monthly wet cleaning

 Remove all material inside before cleaning baskets and accessories

 Slightly oil (use light machine oil used in sewing machine) slides and channels for lubrication and smoothness on interval of six months

 Gently tight screws of cabinet on every six months to avoid falling baskets, handles and drawer fronts

 Contact Carpenter or us for any failure of Baskets & Accessories only

 Donít attempt any correction by yourself in Baskets & Accessories, call us for assistance



Take it easy and go smooth.... baskets and accessories donít need safety & repairs like aeroplanes.....


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Disclaimer: Above are general guidelines, Unique Autoweld Systems Pvt. Ltd. donít claim to be correct and donít compensate on event of any damage or accident due to negligence or otherwise.



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