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Used for storing Deep Bottom Frying Skillet (कढाई), Deep Fat Fryer, Shallow Frying Pan, Flat Pan (तवा), Pot (देग्ची / भगोना), Tureen / Platter (परात), Jug, Big Bowls, Containers, Casseroles, Cattle, Tray, Onions, Potatoes, Fruits etc...

Plain Basket Solutions

Proper placing & group storage of Spoons, Forks, Knives, Serving spoons, Miscellaneous Cutlery, Jars, Tumblers, Bowls, Bottle, Cans, Tong (संडासी), Ladle (कडछी), Forceps (चिमटा), Peel (पलटा), Peeler, Scoop, Scissor, Strainer (छन्नी), Skimmer (झारा) etc...

Cutlery, Bottle & Partition Basket Solutions

Independent slots for Crockery, Glassware, Plate, Saucer, Cup, Quarter Plates, Mug, Serving Plate (थाली) etc...

Plate, Cup & Saucer  Basket Solutions

Filler of the space which may accommodate small jars, bottles, cans, packets of detergents, bottle of phenyl, wipes, scrubber, gloves, insect spray  and miscellaneous loose items...

Pull Outs & Space Saving Solutions

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Heavy duty items, oversized items like canisters, oil cans, small drums, big utensils like gas oven (तंदूर), idli (इड्ली) maker, cooker, rice cooker, double steamer, Boiler, Mortar & Pestle (खरल ), large size vegetables like pumpkin, yam, jack fruit etc...

Grain Trolley & Basket Solutions

Can be mounted with plain baskets,  cutlery, bottle, partition, plate, cup, saucer baskets additionally stores coffee maker, oven, toaster, sandwich maker, food processor etc...

Tall Unit & Pantry Unit Solutions

Fitted with  plain baskets,  cutlery, bottle, partition, plate, cup, saucer baskets and has alternate option for special shaped baskets like D tray, 270 degree tray, 360 degree tray fitted on carousel etc...

Corner Unit Solutions

Text Box: Mounted for Cookery Book, rolls (paper / film / aluminium wrapper), cutlery, cup, saucer, glasses, bottle, Tong (संडासी), Ladle (कडछी), Forceps (चिमटा), Peel (पलटा), Peeler, Scoop, Strainer (छन्नी), Skimmer (झारा) etc

Wall Accessories

Used basically for dustbins, garbage bins, gas cylinder, Fruit & Vegetable  etc

Floor Accessories

Place for lids, cans, Water Pot / Water Dispenser, KoolKage, glasses, small pots, spice / salt shaker, matchbox, Gas Lighter etc

Platform Accessories

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Used for dish, cup, saucer & bottles etc

Wall Unit Shelves

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