Plain Baskets

Simplicity of this basket doesn’t tell us usefulness. This is the most commonly used basket design for every application in kitchen from all over the world.


Available in 2 product ranges, DewDrop – PU Powder Coated & SIGNORA – 100% Stainless Steel with Nickel Chrome plating.

Product Summary

·  4 models to choose from

·  Best ratio of weight holding to self-weight of basket, more value on price

·  Balanced and engineered to take stresses easily

·  Adaptable to variety of sliding systems

·  Intelligently placed wires, supporting where it needed the most

Price: on demand, always competitive

It gives value to goods it stores without becoming obstacle in viewing. Not covering all sides with useless vertical wires makes it ELEGANT.


You can easily store all medium sized utensils, jars, packed food, loose vegetables those don’t require refrigeration etc.


It is better option than fixed Shelf because you can easily retrieve things which are frequently used.


Best suited option for Tall Units and Carcasses which have multipurpose use. It gives flexibility to store majority of goods used in any kitchen.


Models available are,




Right Angle


Properly fabricated & finished product has high degree of fitting accuracy for inter-changeability. It is manufactured under strict quality assurance in millimetres.

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