Pullout & Space Saving Solutions

Miniature plain baskets and rack devised for space filling option in the kitchen. Varieties of designs are used worldwide but we selected most economical one.


Available in 2 product ranges, DewDrop – PU Powder Coated & SIGNORA – 100% Stainless Steel with Nickel Chrome plating.

Product Summary

·  7 models to choose from

·  Rack type designs enable variety of mountings

·  Best space utilisation, nothing left vacant

·  Adaptable to mount on different mechanism available

·  Wire construction hence proper ventilation

Price: on demand, always competitive

When possibility of application of standard size baskets is not viable due to lack of space, the solution lies with pull outs and cabinet mounted accessories. It achieves full utilisation of the available space which makes them SMART.

All miscellaneous light items which are not accommodated in regular spaces can be stored here like scrubber, wipes, dusters, bottles, cans, jars etc.

It can be mounted on sides, door, top and bottom of cabinet or carcass. You may use these even under Sinks.

Items which are required to be kept in isolation because of odour / properties are best kept here instead of shelf, regular baskets and open spaces.

Models available are

Two Tier (Rack / Frame)

Three Tier (Rack / Frame)

Used Napkin / Linen Basket Holder

Dust Bin Holder



Properly fabricated & finished product has high degree of fitting accuracy for inter-changeability. It is manufactured under strict quality assurance in millimetres.

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